Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What type of ad formats do you support?
We currently support fullscreen video and image interstitials. We will release soon rewarded video and banners.

Do I need to integrate all SDKs from ad networks that you support?
No. You need to integrate only one: AdTapsy’s SDK. Other SDKs are bundled within ours. Please, take a look at our integration guide here

What is your payment threshold?
Since AdTapsy is not ad network, but a mediation tool, you will get paid directly from ad networks.

How do you prioritize ad networks?
Our eCPM аutopilot uses predictive analytics methods to analyze historical performance and pre rearrange multiple waterfall combinations for each app and for each country. To ensure optimal results, the optimization process is repeated every day. Although it is fully automatic process, you can still  intervene and make some tweaks based on your preferences.

In which countries AdTapsy works?
AdTapsy optimizes your revenue in every country. Our strongest countries by eCPMs are United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Do I need accounts at ad networks like Chartboost, AdMob etc?
Yes, you will need accounts at ad networks you plan to use. If you don’t have accounts already, it takes only few minutes to create them. If you need any help, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

My app is not live yet. What should I do?
You just need to enter some text in URL field when submitting your app. Please, update this field with the real URL one when your app becomes live in the Appstore.

Where can I find a sample integration?
Sample app is included in our SDK. Download AdTapsy SDK here.

Using AdTapsy

How can I delete an app?
There is no such option in our admin panel. However, if you want to delete an app, we can do it for you for you from the backend. Just email us at [email protected] with the AdTapsy App ID of the app you want to be deleted.

How do you get the eCPMs from the different networks?
We get eCPMs by using ad networks reporting APIs. All information is encrypted and stored securely.

Can i show banners along with AdTapsy?
AdTapsy supports interstitials only, but you can still use AdMob banners in a combination with AdTapsy for interstitials. Note that since AdMob SDK is included in AdTapsy, in order to show banner ads you just need to make your own initialization of AdMob banner.

Is AdTapsy dashboard updated real-time?
All the data is updated real-time, except for the revenue which is captured from the from networks once a day.

The status of my app is “Integrated”. When it will become “Live”?
Your app status will change from Integrated to Live, once we register SDK installs in 100 new devices.

What are the best settings for autopilot?
We usually suggest to app developers to do their own tests with different days in average. With our eCPM Autopilot you can easily make such tests and observe results.

Is there Unity3D plugin?
Yes, we do have Unity3D plugin, just like cocos2d plugin as well.

How can i set the priority of the networks?
You can prioritize ad networks manually or with our eCPM Autopilot (recommended).

In the Setup Revenue Reporting page i see following text: “There is a problem with this network credentials. Please enter valid credentials.” What does it mean?
Your credentials have been tested and error have been returned. Please check your credentials again. For AdMob connection, email us at [email protected]

How to enable “test mode”?
To enable test mode for AdMob and RevMob, use this before start session. For all other ad networks enable test mode via each ad network dashboard.
[AdTapsy setTestMode:YES andTestDevices: @[ @”Simulator”, @”Google device ID” ]];
Note: Disable it before you publish the app on the App Store.


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