iOS dominates eCPM in July 2015


iOS apps continue to bring much higher eCPMs than Android. Although there was a decline of 7% comparing to June 2015 ($5.07), iOS is leading “the battle” in July with $4.72 average eCPM and 70% higher eCPM over Android. In fact there is an overall decline for both platforms comparing to June, as Android eCPM decreased by 9%. 

mobile ad networks ecpms July 2015

A similar decline is not a surprise considering that June was the last month of Q2 and July was the first month of the Q3. As it is well-known, advertisers are a little more cautious with spending budgets in the beginning of the new quarter and become more aggressive in advertising at the end of it. So we can expect to see a slight eCPM increase in August and September.

If we take a closer look at our recently updated eCPM comparison, we can easily notice the next two findings:

1. Building for iOS continues to be much more cost-effective if monetized with in-app ads.

2. Applovin climbs up in the charts for Android especially for the apps with traffic from USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

For more detailed information, you can take a look at our eCPM comparison here:

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