Geo-optimized mediation

It is well known that ad networks perform differently in different countries. Ad network that has a high eCPM in USA may not work so well for France or Canada and vice versa. This weakness of ad networks is actually a big opportunity for revenue optimization when you are using multiple ad networks, but only if their capacity is properly utilized in a dynamic waterfall.

We at AdTapsy are excited to announce that we have enhanced our mediation technology to dynamically create different variations of mediation waterfalls for each country and for each app. In order to understand how this change will help you to boost your app revenue, let’s take a look “under the hood”.

Brief explanation on how mediation worked so far.

Ad Network 1 Ad Network 2 Ad Network 3 Ad Network 4 Ad Network 5 Ad Network 6 Ad Network 7
eCPM 2.27 1.53 1.18 1.62 1.57 2.92 3.47

Table 1

The table above is a typical example of how different ad networks are performing differently in the same mobile app. The old mediation system was using predictive analytics methods to analyze these eCPMs and pre-order mediation waterfall for upcoming ad requests.

Here is the simplified example of the waterfall created that way:

Priority All countries
1 Ad Network 7
2 Ad Network 6
3 Ad Network 1
4 Ad Network 4
5 Ad Network 5
6 Ad Network 2
7 Ad Network 3

Table 2

The same waterfall was applied to all countries. On the top of the waterfall is Ad Network 7 because of the highest average eCPM: $3.47 across all countries. Now, let’s take a look at how the new AdTapsy mediation works:


With the new mediation, we analyze ad network performance on a country level.

Ad Network 1 Ad Network 2 Ad Network 3 Ad Network 4 Ad Network 5 Ad Network 6 Ad Network 7
USA 6.3 4.5 2.9 3.8 4.2 9 8.5
France 3.7 2.5 1.9 3 3.2 4.3 7.1
Others 3.6 2.2 2.3 2.9 2 4.2 5.2
2.27 1.53 1.18 1.62 1.57 2.92 3.47

Table 3

In the table above you can easily see large difference between eCPMs for two different countries USA and France. For example, Ad Network 6 generates $9 eCPM in USA, but only $4.3 in France.  Ad Network 7  generates slightly lower eCPM for USA than Ad Network 6: $8.5 and much higher eCPM for France $7.1.

Our new mediation technology uses these country based eCPMs in the prediction calculations. Check out how simplified example of such waterfalls looks like:

Priority USA France
1 Ad Network 6 Ad Network 7
2 Ad Network 7 Ad Network 6
3 Ad Network 1 Ad Network 1
4 Ad Network 2 Ad Network 5
5 Ad Network 5 Ad Network 4
6 Ad Network 4 Ad Network 2
7 Ad network 3 Ad network 3

Table 4

You can easily see the difference between waterfall prioritization for USA, France and all countries (from the table 2). The new way of prioritization analyzes ad networks perfomance on a geo basis and creates 196 different waterfalls for each country. To ensure optimal results, the optimization process is repeated every day. Our initial tests confirmed that new mediation is increasing your overall eCPM and revenue, and works the best for apps with app users from all over the world.

What should you do to enable geo-optimized mediation?

You only need to enable our eCPM Autopilot in your app settings. If you already did that, geo-optimized mediation is already enabled for your apps.

Keep an eye on оur blog  because we preparing new features and ad formats!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] We read and reply to every message.


Branimir Ivanov is AdTapsy Co-Founder. You can reach him out via email: branimir [at] adtapsy.com.

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