App Monetization. Maximized.

  • 7 highest paying ad networks in single SDK (Admob, Inmobi, Charboost, Revmob, Applovin, Vungle and AdColony)

  • Maximized fill rate (up to 100%) - thanks to our smart ad network rotating technology

  • Full control of your app monetization with our easy-to-use admin panel and autopilot. No coding. No app updating.

  • Static and video interstitial ads supported

  • Unity3D and Cocos2dx plugin

Easy To Integrate

    1.) Drag-and-drop AdTapsy SDK into your app project

    2.) Copy and paste two lines of code

    3.) Watch your revenue grow :)

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AdTapsy integration demo


Ad Network mediation

Interstitial ad network mediation of major ad networks (Admob, Inmobi, Charboost, Revmob, Applovin, AdColony and Vungle). Easy to manage and prioritize manually or with our eCPM Autopilot..

eCPM Autopilot

No more boring daily jobs changing eCPMs. Autopilot takes care of looking back at your ad networks reports and updates your app with average eCPM values.

Revenue Reporting

We belive that transparency is essential for app monetization service. AdTapsy dashboard provides data about your total ad requests, clicks, impressions, CTR, Fill Rate and revenue.

Transparent Reporting

    ✔ Multiple ad networks report at one place - AdTapsy Dashboard

    ✔ Real-time statistics

    ✔ Full control over your apps and ad networks

AdTapsy Dashboard Reporting

No Credit Card Needed!

We just show 1 of our ads on every 10th ad request.